Teacher In Ghana Teaches ‘MS Word’ On Chalkboard

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Teaching is not an easy job.

Owura Kwadwo, originally from Kumasi, Ghana, has gone viral and won the hearts of many people by his unusual and improvised methods of teaching ICT (Information and Communications Technology), without a computer! He has literally gone back to the drawing board to teach pupils in his class how to use a computer.

Teaching ICT in a rural farming community, which lacks basic equipment and resources for the task and determined not to let his charges fall behind, the teacher sketched a Microsoft Word document on the chalkboard.

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Being a student of visual art, he decided to put his skills into good use.

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Kwadwo reveals that sadly plenty of schools around the world suffer from the same problem.

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He is a living proof that there are still teachers who will go extra mile for their students and when the government is unable to provide resources. You sir are a real inspiration!

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