This Artist Turns Oddly-Looking Stones Into Animals By Painting On Them

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My name is Inna Kondratenko and I do art on stones. I studied fine arts years ago at one of the oldest Moscow universities. I work as a mass-media illustrator, and I don’t have that much time for painting, but art has always been my passion.

About eight years ago, I saw some pieces of art by a famous Italian artist. She paints animals in stones, reflecting their character, beauty and individuality. Her art inspired me to get more familiar with this genre. I try my best to master my skills.

I adore many works by numerous artists who work in this genre as well. In the oddly shaped stones, I look for the spirits of animals that need help to reveal themselves, show their emotions and identities. I believe that in the big cities people often lack contact with nature and hope that through my artwork I can bring them joy.

Scroll down to see some of my artwork.













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