Man Kills Neighbor For Repeatedly Asking Him “When Are You Getting Married?”

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This is really shocking to hear how a 28-years old man out of anger killed his neighbor. This man executed the murder on 19th January 2018. He took the initiative to murder the neighbor because he was being repeatedly asked: “When are you getting married?” This murder case took place in Indonesia’s Kampung Pasir Jonge.

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Name of the murder is Faiz Nurdin. As per the report of a police force, one day Faiza was sitting in front of his own apartment and meeting him there one of his neighbors, a pregnant woman named Aisyah came to talk with him. While having a conversation the women suggested this man go get married faster as others friends of him are already married. She also asked Faiz the reason behind not getting married till yet and these questions regarding married angered his man and he felt insulted too.

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As soon as this story was posted, it received than 28.8k shares and more views and comments as well. After getting insulted, Faiz decided to visit the house of Aisyah and decided to execute murdering her. Faiz pushed the pregnant women onto the bed and killed her badly. With the bare hands, Faiz successfully murdered his neighbor Aisyah. Faiz even had stolen some amount of cash and victim’s Smartphone from her house, it was reported. After execution, he fled to Kalideras but unluckily got caught by the police authorities. The report further said that the murderer will be punished with life imprisonment for his crime.

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