Jaydeep Loses 62-kg in Just 10 Months, Story Went Viral

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Losing weight requires a lot of skills along with determination. Getting a good body shape and healthy weight, you need to maintain a proper diet chart, regular exercise habit and requires proper guidance as well. This is an inspirational weight loss story of Jaydeep Bhuta, who is 30-years old and by occupation a nutrition consultant. Jaydeep after getting weight recorder- 142kgs went for healthy practices and successfully lost 62 kilos in just 10 months. He with his activity proved that nothing is impossible for human being to do.

This story deals with his weight loss journey. Putting on such a great weight he was suffering from pre-diabetes, hypertension, knee pain, lower back spasms, always sleepy and fatigued, lethargy, depression, sleep apnea, fatty liver and more as well. All these diseases are one of the great reasons behind his initiative to lose weight. He had adopted a healthy and helpful diet for a lot more changes in his excessive weight. He under the guidance of his instructor selected the effective exercises that will result in him with losing a lot of calories from his fatty body.

Jaydeep for getting a perfect body shape use to practice workouts 3-4 days a week. He also believed in smart workouts and adopted so for getting an instant result. He further said that for fat burning, weight and cardio exercises are much more helpful and helps to improve the composition of the body as well. He always used to consume healthy food, low- caloric foods and maintained a lot of diet charts as well.

Jaydeep said there is no secret to this weight loss that he needs to reveal. He, in order to lose more than 10kgs a month, went for unique diet charts and that really proved excellent support for him. Jaydeep said that to be overweight is a curse to him. Final statement that Jaydeep made after losing so much kg within just a year was ‘everything is possible’.

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