Want To Know What Makes Elon Musk So Successful?

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We all have that question among us that how successful people spend their days. We know that they are super busy. In this article, we look at one such successful personality who happens to be the founder of Tesla and SpaceX. He is none other than Elon Musk. Do you want to know how he manages his days being so busy? Read on—

1. How he manages his time

Elon has to work 80 to 100 hours in a week. What keeps him going is caffeine as he sips on to numerous cups of coffee and almost eight cups of Diet Coke every day. But he soon found to be short of peripheral vision. That is when he decided to keep caffeine free machines at his office.

2. How much he sleeps

Elon had realized that compromising on sleep has turned work productivity low. So, he makes sure that he gets at least 6 to 6.5 hours of sleep every night. He has confessed to the Reddit AMA that he finds himself to be quite grumpy if he doesn’t get enough sleep.

3. His workout regime

After working for 100 hours, it might be really difficult to get time to hit the gym. But he still makes sure that he isn’t turning unhealthy. He manages time to go to the gym twice in a week. Cardio workout on the treadmill and weight lifting are what he enjoys doing.

4. What does he eat?

As told to Auto Bild TV, Elon overeats at the business dinners. But in other times, he doesn’t eat much. He eats his lunch during meetings and takes just 5 minutes to finish it. And, he doesn’t get time to eat breakfast.

5. Time for phone

Elon doesn’t really like the idea of answering too many phone calls. He says it makes him lose his concentration.

6. Reading

Elon, despite having such a tight schedule indulges himself in reading. His favorites are The Lord of the Rings and Twelve Against the Gods.

7. Partying

He is not to be confused with being too shy to party. This man in fact loves partying. One very unique of the parties he had is playing hide and seek at an English castle till 6 in the morning.

8. Family

Elon loves to spend time with his sons. He says to the Business Insider that he would talk to his sons without which he wouldn’t be able to concentrate in his work.

9. His baths

No matter how busy he is, he makes time for his bath everyday. He believes that has a positive impact on his work.

10. Hobbies

He is a lover of video games. Also, he loves listening to music in his car. Movies are occasional.

11. Weekends

He spends his Saturdays with his family entirely. On Sundays, he likes to travel or stay at his Bel Air Mansion.

Now you know how Elon Musk spends his time every day!

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