SRIKANTH BOLLA – The Founder & CEO Of A Company Worth Crores

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Most of us think that life is a difficult path to move on and sometimes we give up and mostly the reason behind is not being successful. But let me tell you Srikanth Bolla has given hope another meaning to it.

He was born blind and his parents were given wrong suggestions by their neighbors to finish his life but they believed in him and Srikanth took his life as a challenge, not as an obstacle.

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Srikanth scored 90% in 10th and 98% in 12th standard. After that, he chose to pursue engineering abroad and got selected in four of the top Institutes – MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon. He chose to study at MIT and became the first international blind student in Brain & Cognitive Science and Business at MIT.

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After completing his graduation Srikanth joined a non-profit organization and thought of doing something for blind people by promoting Braille literacy. After that, he started his own company named as Bollant Industries, which is worth more than 50 crores.

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Very few are born with this extreme type of determination as of Srikanth Bolla. He gave many of the physically disabled an inspiration to live life and also become successful.

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